What do we do?

We grow digital properties.Websites, SaaS businesses or Apps.Target properties are usually not the core focus of the current owner.Where that owner recognises there is more value to to be had but doesn't have the time, resources or inclination to take it forward.We offer new impetuous, some ideas, technical and commercial expertise along with investment to release that unrealised value.That investment can be through partnership or acquisition depending on the current owner's requirements.Where money is being left on the table there is often a deal to be done.We are all about discovering opportunity and executing on it.

Jason Nicklin

Jason Nicklin - Founder & Lead Investor

I have spent my career building media and technology businesses.Successfully growing and exiting digital assets such as websites, SaaS products and ecommerce brands.Mint is a vehicle to leverage and share that experience.Creating incremental value with our core team team of technologists and investors.Talk to us!

Our Values


We are completely open prospective partners.We will happily share our plans for your website and how we intend to add monetary value. Who knows you may want to invest with us
in the future!


Straight talking - We tell it like it is, we won’t mess you around. We won’t waste your time.We work quickly to put our best deal forward so you can exit your business, grow it with us or continue to move it forward yourself.


We invest in businesses with a protective ‘moat’. Where we see immediate opportunity to increase profit by typically at least 30%We commit to using our resources to deliver an excellent outcome.

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