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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for me?

If we reached out to you, then we think we can help.  If you sell B2B, chances are we can have success generating leads for your business.  Of course results will vary depending your product or service, offering, marketplace and competition.

If we don’t think it will work for you then we’ll tell you so, we have no interested in short term relationships, frankly it just doesn’t pay for us. Talk to us and we’ll tell you straight away if it’s worth trialing. Our service doesn’t work for B2C projects, we like to target by role and company not demographics.

How does it work?

We find you prospects by title, role, company, industry, location, and more.

We then use our software along with some people power to determine and verify their email address.

We then personalise outreach to each of the prospects on your behalf.

We track opens, reads and interest of the mails –replies are directed to your inbox in real time.

We schedule a number of follow-ups to help keep your pipeline full.

Rocketism means you do not have to lift a finger to generate warm leads, interested in what you have to offer and in talking to you.

What sort of Lead can I expect?

Leads are people we contacted and who responded with interest, that’s what you want to see in your inbox. The amount varies depending on your service, price, offer, and your target market.  The quality should always be good because we tailor all of our work to you personally, understanding your targets, researching them and reaching out in a personal way.

Is there a long term commitment?

No long term contracts.  Our initial agreement is for 90 days after which you will be on a monthly rolling contract which can be cancelled at anytime with 14 days notice.  We like to start with a 90 term this gives us enough time to evaluate analytics, responses and results, adjust and try to perfect your lead generation campaign.  We want to get up to warp factor lead generation for you as soon as possible but it could take a little time to get it right.  We bill our services monthly in advance so you can manage your cash flow and take payment by direct debit so we can manage ours.

We work on tracking down your leads in advance of your next month to avoid any interruption to lead flow.  Which is why we ask for 14 day notice period.

What happens after I sign-up?

You are taken to the onboarding form where we ask you a few questions about your business.

This information is then used to put together your email sequence by our copywriters.

You will be sent the email sequence to review before we start sending.

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